SensorLab Equipment Lending 

We offer a range of sensors and equipment for conducting research, testing novel sensors, and collecting pilot or preliminary data. You can browse our inventory and reserve items online. Once we receive your request we will get in contact shortly to check out the equipment.

There is no fee for checking out or using the equipment in the Sensor Lab. Additionally, we will help set up the devices and provide support regarding usage, data collection and best use cases for each sensor. The items can be borrowed for flexible terms according to the availability and your research needs.

To reserve equipment or a research room, click "Check Out" next to the item below. You'll be prompted to create a QReserve account (here is a tutorial on how to create an account and join our site).

Please let us know if you need assistance in any stage of this process ! 

New Feature! Not sure which device is best for you? Select 'Search by sensor' or 'Use cases' below to find equipment based on your research purpose.